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April 24th, 2011, 06:56 PM
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I wonder if I will chicken out as well. BUT, I had a very very difficult labor (DD was posterior, so terrrrrrrible back labor) with my first, I requested an epi and didn;t get one until an hr before delivery, and then it wore off when it was time to push. So much for that! So, since I labored naturally throughout most of my labor, I think I will be able to go without pain meds this time.

The biggest thing for me will be support, exp. if I have back labor again. The hospital where I delivered made me feel like I had 4 legs b/c I wanted to labor naturally and then was, surprise, loud about it. The nurses didn't know how to handle it- they were used to moms quitely sitting in their beds while the epi flowed through them! I can't wait for this next birth to be at home, I think it will be much calmer and I feel stronger now, knowing I was able to do it naturally the first time.
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