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April 25th, 2011, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by LorenaK View Post
Well that is definitely a bizarre situation. I suppose the question that comes to mind is, why are they keeping you in the dark? I'm sure there is more to your story, and I'm sure it's too much to reveal on a board like this.

Listen, if your family is lying to you, then maybe you should just pull back from it. Meaning that it's probably better for you to not drive yourself crazy while trying to figure out everything that's going on. I can only imagine how hard and hurtful it is to realize that your family is excluding you, and for that I'm sorry You know, especially if they like to manipulate you like you say they do, then just keep your distance. Let them come to you.

That will require a lot of discipline on your part though. Be strong and think positive. Don't forget to live your life while trying to figure out theirs. Good Luck!!
Thanks hun for your kind words and yes I have distance myself from them they are such negative people. I am living my life but there are days that I cant belive how my own family can do this to me and makes me feel blue.
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