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April 25th, 2011, 12:05 PM
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UGH!!! I cant take much more of this rain/storms!!! We are totally flooding out around here. So far, the news said this morning we were up to about 6.5 inches and due to get at least 7-10 more through the end of the week We had tornadoes here last week and the rain hasn't stopped since. DH got called into work due to the water and now he is stuck there until the water goes back down on the river which they are saying he wont be able to get out of there and come home until at least Monday or Tuesday of next week!! There is no way in or out where he is as the river has flooded over the road!! Oh, and needless to say that all that work they did about a month ago to try to help with the water issues in the basement didn't work!!!!!
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