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April 25th, 2011, 01:48 PM
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Sorry I didn't respond yesterday, it was Easter and I was pretty much AFK all day.

I think that is awesome you two are WoW nerds! DH is a big nerd with me, but he mostly sticks to his xbox. I do both though. I am addicted to WoW! I couldn't pay this month because I know if I did I would play it instead of doing all these projeccts I need done. I plan on renewing it mid-may once school is done. (Plus I will be too big to do anything here soon!) And it will be nice to have around when the baby is sleeping. What toons do you have?

Today has been an interesting day. I had to babysit this girl who was a total brat! She hates me, but I have to come back and babysit her on Thurs so we will see if it gets any better. It is hard to entertain her because at the same time I am taking care of a 4 month old! They sure did keep me busy though.

So far today I havn't pigged out and don't plan on pigging out! I am going on a walk with DH once he gets home. The weather is so nice outside, I am actually looking forward to my walk!
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