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April 25th, 2011, 05:09 PM
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So I called a local birthing center run by midwives that a friend had her son at almost 2 years ago, and I spoke to a very nice midwife for awhile this morning. While I am not a candidate to deliver at the birthing center itself, I am a candidate for a VBAC at the hospital itself (across the street) attended by the midwife, and although they do monitor a little more closely there, I will be allowed to be on telemetry (portable unit that you can put in your pocket) to move around the entire labor, with periods of taking it off so I can use the tub. Going post dates are not a problem for the midwives as long as baby is OK and I am too, so no arbitrary CUT date at 40 1/2 or even 41 weeks if I still haven't gone and things look OK. Births attended at this hospital by midwives have an 80% success rate with VBACs vs. something like 30% at my hospital. The midwives are very supportive of VBACs and do all they can to help mamas get them.

I got copies of my records today from my practice and have an appt. with the midwife on Monday at 4 pm to review the records, be assessed and discuss things more, but the midwife I spoke to today said it sounds like I am a good fit for their practice and are looking forward to meeting me.

I still haven't heard back from the homebirth midwife I emailed last night but in all honestly this seems like a more practical option for me anyway.

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Hi Ladies,

So I am 35 years old and pregnant with my 2nd baby. I had a miscarriage last June due to an SCH (subchorionic hemorrhage) and I had one early with this pregnancy but it has been resolved for some time.

My daughter will be 2 years old on June 25th and I am due June 20th with a boy. With my DD, I had pregnancy induced hypertension which started at 28 weeks, and turned into Pre-eclampsia at 36 weeks. I was induced at 36w5d and after 26 hours of labor and every intervention possible I ended up with a crash c-section. The cord was around my DD's neck 3 times and her heart rate dropped. At that point I had an IV with pitocin, a foley catheter, an epidural (which did nothing for pain control but paralyzed me from moving) an internal fetal scalp monitor, an oxygen mask.... I felt so out of control, and it was everything I didn't want, but in the end I just wanted a healthy baby and we did, thankfully, get her. (after 5 days in the NICU and 5 on the regular PP unit.)

This pregnancy started out rocky with the SCH and my previous loss from it, and later a placenta previa which also resolved, but now seems to be going smoothly. My blood pressure looks good, baby is head down, I'm not anemic, amniotic fluid levels are good, no gestational diabetes... etc.

I have been given the green light to try for a VBAC IF my blood pressure stays good, baby looks good, I don't go past 41 weeks, amniotic fluid and placenta look OK, etc. Alot of IF's.

However, I had my 32 week appt at my OB today and we have been discussing a VBAC ( I see a few different OB's and a midwife at a large practice, whomever is on call is who delivers.) While he is on board with me trying for a VBAC, he said I have to be on continuous fetal monitoring (even though studies have shown repeatedly there is NO difference in fetal outcomes with CFM). The hospital has telemetry monitors and he said in early labor if they can get a good reading I can use one to move around. I called the hospital and they said their tele units can go in the tub also. (I'd like to be able to move around in labor and use the tub). However, once I am in active labor they want me on the monitor next to the bed which will limit my mobility and keep me out of the tub.

The nurse I spoke to at the hospital was very nice, she said it really depends on what provider is on when I go into labor as to how relaxed they will be, if they will let me get in the tub and walk around.

My OB wants me to call right away if I think I am in labor, or if my water breaks as they 'need to watch VBAC patients more closely'. I would like to wait as long as possible at home so I can use my awesome tub, eat and drink, and move around.

I just feel like with all the restrictions (you also can't eat in labor but can drink at the hospital) that I will end up with another section, and I really don't want one. There is one other hospital I could go to locally but my sister had her baby there in January and their practice has a similar attitude towards VBAC.... 'allowed' under certain conditions but not encouraged and they put the fear of God into her and she ended up choosing a repeat c-section.

DH and I have discussed it and he is comfortable with us being at home as long as possible. I did a little research today and there are homebirth MW's in my area but I don't know if I am a candidate with my history, and it is so late in the game I don't know if they could even fit me in if I were, and DH isn't really comfortable with the idea, but isn't 100% opposed (he said he's 98% opposed, LOL).

I guess I'm just looking for thoughts or advice.

If you've gotten this far, bless you!

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