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April 25th, 2011, 08:07 PM
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Our day will completely change in the Fall, because I'll be adding Daniel to the mix, but for now, it's just Ben. Daniel's doing "preschool", if you could call it that. It's mostly just Leapfrog DVD's, reading board books, etc. Occasionally, he'll get in a school mood and beg for workbooks (HWT, ETC, and/or Kumon). Otherwise, he mostly just plays. He'll start a relaxed kinder in the Fall. I don't like to start structure until 1st grade.

For Ben (some 2nd, some 3rd):

Dh gets up around 6:30 and leaves around 8. Everyone else gets up around 7:30 (although Ben sometimes sleeps until 8). After saying bye to dad, we have breakfast, sometimes get dressed (unless we have no plans), and kinda lounge around a bit. I'll either check email or watch a DVR'd episode of Jeopardy (kids like Jeopardy).

Around 9, we start school. Daily activities are language arts (which varies, but always includes handwriting & Latin ... sometimes includes English, vocab, reading comprehension, creative writing and/or spelling), math, and Bible. Things that are done every other day or every week are science & social studies. Unless we have a special project planned, we almost always finish school by 10:30. (Daniel's either watching DVDs, playing, reading books, or occasionally being a punk and interrupting us.) Lunch is at 11. Daniel is supposed to nap after lunch, but he's transitioning out of naps right now, so that's unpredictable.

Usually we do (not all on the same day):
  • Bible - together - 5 minutes
  • Handwriting - alone - could take 3 minutes, could take an hour ... depends on his attitude and effort
  • Reading comp - alone - 10-15 minutes in the summer only
  • Math - IXL (for review and speed) is alone and Miquon (for new learning) is together - sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 30 ... depends on attitude, attention span, and newness of the lesson (he hates math most of the time)
  • Latin - usually alone unless we're discussing derivatives or translations (he has a DVD teacher) - 5 minutes
  • Spelling - together - 5 minutes
  • English - together - 5 minutes
  • History - usually alone (we have the book and the audio), but we'll do the activities together
  • Science - together - usually about 20-30 minutes ... occasionally an hour, but we usually break it into 2 days if it'll take that long

On rare occasions, I'll throw in some art work, but he usually hates art. We'll do some as part of history or science once in a while, though.

Tue and Wed are our short days. We do minimal school work on those days because we have other things to do (bowling league, therapy, church). Sometimes we have science classes on Mondays, so those are short days, too. We try to schedule field trips on days we're not doing anything, but it depends what's best for the group. Usually, we'll have Mon, Thur, and/or Fri free to do a ton of school work and house work. On those days, we usually do get to every subject, and we'll work 2+ hours. He doesn't mind as long as we split it before and after lunch so he gets a break.

Afternoons and evenings are ALWAYS free time. No homework ever. I'm not opposed to homework. We just haven't found it to be necessary. The farther he gets in school, the more I'll require independent work, which may involve researching a topic, studying for a test, or typing a report. He's not ready for that yet.
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