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April 25th, 2011, 08:30 PM
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Thanks Ladies!

So is a monitrice an apprentice MW? Hmmm, where do I find one?

I am not in my 'local chapter' of ICAN, there actually isn't one super close to me (I looked them up today). There is one about 2 hours from me and one I think an hour or so from me, and there's an email contact for the group leader. Is that how I get involved in the group?

I was thinking the midwife would probably be booked up, even if I was a candidate. And, I am not sure what the out of pocket cost would be but given DH's reluctance to consider it anyway I know that a large out of pocket cost would be enough to deter him completely. But he repeated again tonight that he is supportive of us being at home as long as we can before heading to the hospital.

I'm not 100% set on a homebirth, honestly. It is something that has always interested me, but practically I am not sure it will work, I have a small 1 story house and DD has NEVER spent a night away from home without us and that would stress me to no end to send her to MIL or my moms (both houses are not toddler proof and actually dangerous and I am not comfortable with her being there without me or DH) but alternately because there is no where for me to get away and birth where she won't hear me and be affected, (our 1 and only bathroom shares a wall with her crib) I don't want her to be scared either, and she is too little to understand (will just be turning 2 at the time I am due).

Basically I just want the CHANCE to have a VBAC, and with the conditions my hospital and OB's are imposing on me, I don't see how it's possible.

I'm looking into a birthing center about a half hour away that a friend used attended by MW's that is across the street from a hospital should anything go wrong, so that is an option, and also looking into seeing if anyone can recommend a good OB at the two major teaching hospitals in town, so I could maybe get a second opinion and see what their VBAC policies are too.

I'll keep you posted on that and what the home birth midwife says!

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