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April 25th, 2011, 08:39 PM
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No, a monitrice OR an apprentice midwife. A full-fledged midwife will not provide that service for you because they are too busy and charge too much. And apprentice midwife often will, and to find one, you would probably want to ask a few midwives if they know any.

A monitrice is a doula who also provides the additional services of cervical checks and fetal heart tones. I think to find one you would want ICAN, or you could possibly email doulas and ask if they know any.

As for ICAN, this looks like the group you want. ICANofEMASS : ICAN of Eastern Massachusetts

They do not look very active. Yes, by all means email the leader! She might be a wealth of information (hopefully.)

Most birth centers in the US will not do VBACs, and most of the very few that will require a prior VBAC for you to qualify. They might have some good recs for you too though.

I really do think a good doula (monitrice or not) is your best bet. Someone to come to your house and also transition with you to the hospital. Someone who will likely know when you are strongly into active labor and ready to go. Also, if you have a good, experienced doula, they will likely be able to really recommend some OBs to you.

Please keep us (me!) posted on all the developments.

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