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April 26th, 2011, 12:02 AM
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Our days aren't really structured, lol. But I can give a basic rundown of some of the things we do-although almost all of these things vary day by day.
My kids are Alexis-6th grade, Alyssia-4th grade and Leo-1st grade.

5-7am-The kids wake up and get themselves breakfast. Sometimes I cook it too, but they're not huge on that sort of breakfast to be honest, they prefer simple stuff and quick stuff-fruit, cereals and that sort of thing. They don't like "heavy" foods for breakfast.
They don't start doing *any work until at least 8-9 am. Before that they usually either watch tv/movies, or play-whatever they want. They just aren't prepared to work any earlier, usually. If they get up and wake me extra early-I give them work to do Because I'm a mean mommy Nah usually I just give them some review stuff, or even little things to do, to prepare them for the day's lesson(s).

The rest there really is no set time frame..But my goal is to keep it in the 3-4hour range as best I can.
The first thing they always do daily is silent reading. That usually lasts anywhere from 30mins to an hour. Minimum is 30 mins though-it's one strict rule I always make sure they abide by if we're home.

The subjects we work on *every day(this is barring any appointments, not being home, etc..)-(these are for *each kiddo)
Math-This takes a minimum of 30 mins, it can easily last an hour or more though. It depends entirely on what they are currently working on. Alyssia breezes through her math with very little to no instruction. Alexis is doing Algebra and sometimes needs some guidance, a bit more than Alyssia needs, but for the most part she gets it just by reading the book. She prefers to *not be instructed. It's working for her, so I don't mind, lol. It wasn't that way at first, but it is now. Leo needs my direct instruction and he needs me to be right there helping him for most things. At least the very first time he's working on a subject, he needs me right there the whole time. Plus I need to read all of the instructions for him anyway. He *can read, but not necessarily well enough to understand all of the instructions right.
Language arts-This(in total) takes a minimum of 1 hour. For the girls LA consists of; literature, reading, spelling vocabulary, composition, GUM(grammar, usage, mechanics). They have foreign language too(we're doing spanish this year) but I don't include it in their LA.
Leo's LA consists of; phonics, spelling, literature, vocabulary,reading. He does minimal spanish as well.
The girls do most of their LA on their own. The books we have are VERY self explanatory and easy for them to follow. Leo does all of his LA with me, unless it's silent reading.
We all work on the Spanish together-though Leo does a bit less than the girls, the girls are on the same level with Spanish. Leo is more at a beginner stage, or even a pre-beginning stage. We never spend more than 30 mins max on this though. Usually more like 10-15mins.

The other subjects we do, I alternate as best I can, unless there's a specific reason we need to do something(or just want to).
They all have history, geography, science, art, music, technology, health and phys ed.
Music is done all together as is art, technology, health, phys ed. and occasionally science as well.
Some days we are finished in only a couple of hours, some days it takes us all day 5+ hours even. It really depends on what it is we're working on. *Most days, we fall in the 3-4 hour range area. But this also includes doubling up on some things, or going back and reviewing things when I notice they aren't really getting something, or seem to have forgotten something. Sometimes I have to double up because they, well their curriculum is a year ahead of where they were in school. This was more frequent(doubling) when we first started in December. Now, for the most part, they are caught up with their curriculum so it's not as big an issue. If we're having a particularly long day they get an hour break thrown in there. At least an hour, sometimes more. That doesn't include lunch and/or dinner-those are pretty obvious breaks.

Before they go to bed, they have to read for 30 mins as well. Sometimes we all read together and sometimes not. Sometimes the girls will take turns reading out loud for all 3 of them. Leo doesn't like reading to the girls though.

We also do some work on weekends. Especially on weeks when one or more school days have been particularly short for whatever reason. It's not a ton, but some basic and light work. Like this week for example, we have testing monday through thursday. Alyssia had reading today and has math wednesday. Alexis has reading tomorrow and math on thursday. So this weekend we'll do a bit of work to ensure we don't get off track.
My kids go to bed at 7:30-well they start getting ready at 7:30(this is after silent reading most nights, but sometimes before). Usually they're all asleep by 9 at the latest. I don't do "homework" or anything like that. Once our school day is over.. it's over. That's not to say I don't still ask them questions or work any of our current subjects into whatever it is we/they may be doing. But we do not do any sit down type work once we've finished.
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