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April 26th, 2011, 06:02 AM
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I have never tried a yoga video before. I go an actual class. I found a studio near my house that offers a prenatal yoga class Sunday afternoons. The teacher is AMAZING. Its a very small class (some weeks its just me, other weeks there is 1 or 2 other women). All the women seem to be focused on natural childbirth, so the teacher is really working with us to stretch out our bodies to be prepared. I love it!

We start lamaze classes this month. It was the most affordable option for us (plus one of the only ones that fit around bf's work schedule). Bradley classes we found werent offered at the same time everyweek, and since bf works evenings it makes it really hard (and the private classes were $600).

I am proud of myself yesterday. I had some candy but was well within my calorie limits, bf did go with me on a nice walk (the weather was beautiful) and we even took one of the dogs with us. I did not drink enough water though. I need to work on that. My goal is to get in 5 cups a day this week (up from 4 cups last week).

How did you do yesterday with everything?

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