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April 26th, 2011, 06:04 AM
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Another night of not being able to sleep... if it happens again tonight I'm going to go sleep on the couch. This is awful!

Mana - I get you on the no coffee thing. I didn't have any change for coffee or soda at work. Today I brought change. I'm sure you won't feel that awkwardness with your own baby! It's high pressure to hold onto someone else's kid... I'm still awkward holding my friend's newborn and I'm on my second! I didn't hold her first kiddo until the boys were about 6 months, I think. He and Dalton are the same age.

So all the work we did over the weekend was to completely clean and reorganize two of the worst spots in our house - the bedroom that was supposed to be the nursery (but has a wall only has high as a chair rail along the stairs... and it's on the second story - before we were parents, we thought it would work, after we realized it's definitely not fit) and Dalton's toy room. The nursery we changed into my sewing/craft room and Dalton's computer (a relic) is also in there.

I'm going to work on changing Dalton's toy room into a Montessori classroom, but for now at least it's clean and tidy. I'm not going to discuss this change with Tim, but rather just do it and ask him what he thinks when I'm done. I find for things like this it works better for us this way.

I still have to clean the carpets. I don't mind shampooing the carpets, but it takes a lot of time and energy especially since Dalton spilled juice in his room last week. Red juice, no less. I haven't been really good at cleaning up spills lately.

So anyway, that's why my weekend wore me out. We did a lot of cleaning and I did a lot of purging since I'm trying to become a reformed packrat. I think it might be working for now.
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