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April 26th, 2011, 07:05 AM
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Wow....very interesting reading what the likes and dislikes are!! I quit BC about 2 years ago. Hated it. Hated remembering to take it. I hated remembering to take it at the same time every day!! Who does that? Who can? I didnt...heck I even forgot a few days...Oops. & like another poster said....anything with hormones cant be too good for your body. My periods are more regular since I quit BC too! I know exactly when its coming and I love that.

We've only used condoms a few times. DH does not like them at all. & I dont either. Just like another girl said in this post....why have sex? It doesnt make it fun. & my DH has to get bigger ones bc he said the normal ones are just to tight and he loses feeling.

So up until this month we had been using the pull out method with no surprises. But now we are TTC.

Curious, what is NFP??
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