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April 27th, 2011, 06:45 AM
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I had my NT scan yesterday with the high risk doctor.. All went well! :-)
Both babies had perfect measurements, one HB was 158 and the other was 160.. They ARE identical and sharing a placenta so they will monitor me every 2 weeks until about 30 weeks then weekly. so of course I'm worried about twin to twin but he said it's about a 10% chance so I'm trying to stay positive.. He said we wont go past 37 weeks.. they said they like to get the identicals out sooner? I didn't know that. I expected that though since my son was early due to some of my health issues, I didn't have Pre-E but I was spilling loads of protein so they were worried and just took him at 36w 5d.. so they are afraid the same thing will happen this time or I will have pre-E. I'm supposed to start taking baby asprin to help the BP even though my BP has always been normal, well better safe than sorry I suppose lol

the tech wouldn't give me a gender guess yet (as to be expected lol) but said since I will be back in 2 weeks she will tells us then! I'll only be 15 weeks then but i will be in every 2 weeks so I will definitely know within the next month what we are having! hahaha We are crossing our fingers for girls since both of us have boys already.

anyway, heres some pics :-) Sorry they are so crappy, my scanner wasn't connecting to my computer so I had to take a picture of the picture with my phone.. ugh

both babies

baby A

Baby B

and the tech kept joking about how they were laying the exact same way and acting the same way already haha what are we in for?!
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