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April 27th, 2011, 10:05 AM
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Do you prefer a midwife who is super hands off, doing ittle to no testing and practically letting you UC while she knits? Not that hands off but I'd like my space

Do you prefer a midwife who is more pro-medicine maybe a little more proactive and quicker to transfer - maybe a CNM? (Or a birth center) I have a CNM and she's wonderful, I do like proactive though

Do you want someone motherly, or someone professional or in between? In between she's wonderful

How long are your appointments? Do you like them or wish they were longer or shorter? They are an hour long each appt and I love it! I love not feeling like just another face and that were actually friends!

Have you found your ideal midwife or are you stil ooking? Is what you want even available in your are? I have found my idea midwife and coulndy be happier with her

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