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April 27th, 2011, 05:10 PM
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I am definatly in the inbetween "other" area. I typically just say that I am por-life because for almost any circumstance I am, I do not support a womens right to choose to kill a baby except under circumstances that were once the legal circumstances (rape, insest, or danger to the mothers life); HOWEVER I do not think that abortion should be illegal. I say that because I dont believe that back ally abortions are any better an alternitive. I do not like or support at all the choice to kill a child, however I am not heartless enough to say I hope these women try throwing themselves down stairs and get back ally abortions that render them with horrid infections that kill them. I do not think anyone that has an abortion should die, to me being pro-life isnt just being pro-life for the baby but being pro-life for life in general.

To say that there is just 2 options to be, either pro-life or pro-choice, is rediculous. I HIGHLY doubt that most of the people that are pro-choice are pro-late term or partial birth abortions. However when you put the lable, that you must be one or the other, all or nothing, everyones real opinions get skeewed. I dont think that being pro-life automatically means you picket abortion clinics and throw blood on people, just like being pro-choice doesnt mean your diriving your 35 weeks pregnany daughter/neice/friend to the abortionist for a partial birth abortion. However everyone acts like its truly all or nothing and I doubt that everyone feels that way.

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