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April 27th, 2011, 05:27 PM
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That sounds awful - I hope you start to feel better!
I am so jealous about your yoga... I really want to take a class like that! That sounds great - even getting ready for stretches and everything. The women I was watching on youtube doing yoga - Dr Betty - sorta does moves for natural births... She does this one squat at the very end and says only people who are having a ntural birth should do the squat (I guess incase the baby pops out haha) IT was wild, she was 39 weeks squatting all the way to the ground and doing all these crazy poses. I was amazed!

Sorry to hear yesterday was bad for you. Me and DH got into a fight - so I veggied and junked out all night. (It was over the lamest thing. Inlaws - I swear!)

Tonight should be good though. I am making easy chicken tetrazzini - it is about 500 calories per serving and very easy and healthy. I am trying to make my diet have more grains and greens and less chicken and beef. I have read this book - In Defense of Foods - and it sort of explains why the "western diet" (Which we have been eating) is so bad and why we are all having heart problems and gaining weight. Once I am done with it, if you are interested, I could mail it to you? Not sure how much you like to read, but it sure is interesting.

Also just ate a bowl of cereal, snacked on a few peanut M&M's, and had a PBJ sandwhich with doritos AND had yogurt. So I am doing pretty well today on the healthy foods... Now if I start eating more of those M&M's that might ruin it though! I Always have to hide those in the cabinet... I could never keep them out in the living room in a jar like you see everyone else doing.
So far 1 bottle of water... I am glad we post that on here as well. I never realized how dehydrated I was - no wonder my pee is so dark! (TMI) I don't think I will be able to get myself to drink 8 a day. There has to be a better way to drink water!
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