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April 27th, 2011, 10:15 PM
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Probably be nice to post an intro before I jump in, just found a thread that intrigued me

Name: Michelle


Family status (SO + kids):3 Kiddos, Alexis is 12, Alyssia is 10 and Leo is 7

Do you have a favorite topic?: Honestly I just enjoy discussions and debates. I don't believe I have a favorite topic. But I do tend to throw myself into the discussions I really enjoy

Is there anything about which you are particularly knowledgeable?: How to make a post take way more sentences than it needs to...if that counts

Your hot button issue?: Any sort of issue that deals with any type of abuse towards children. I know, it's an obvious hot button for most. I can get extremely passionate about things when discussing them and my pov, but I wouldn't consider that a hot button really
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