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April 28th, 2011, 07:44 AM
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We keep a pretty tight schedule when doing school work. It sounds horrible and sometimes seems to take away the "luxury" of homeschooling, however my dd is high functioning autistic and if we deviate from the "routine" it sends her into complete meltdown mode for several hours sometimes days before she can focus on school again. But on average our typical day is:

8:00 am - take ds to preschool then come home and dd has breakfast
9:00 am - start school
12:30 pm - if all of her school work is finished, dd leaves with her ABA therapist and returns around 4:00 pm, if not she will remain here until school work is finished

Tuesdays are generally a little wacky as she has OT that day as well. So we generally do school from 9-10 am then go to OT and her ABA therpist meets us for lunch and she finishes up her school work that afternoon with her ABA therapist.

Every evening, dh and dd work on flash cards for math and/or latin. Generally we hold all science expeirments until he gets home and does those with her. It is his way of being involved with her school work.

Our typical school time schedule is:

Math (about 30 minutes)
Social Studies (about 20 minutes)
English (about 15 minutes)
Latin (about 30-45 minutes...mainly because she wants to do sooo much with latin, it is her favorite subject)
Spelling (about 10 minutes)
Handwriting (about 10 minutes)
Science (about 10 minutes unless we are doing an experiment)

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