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April 28th, 2011, 10:37 AM
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Name: Sarah
Children's Names:Jackson & Mackenna
Were they hospital births? Born at home? Attempted to be born at home?Hopsital births, first was failed induction ending in c/s 2 days later. Second was a VBAC attempt, ended with c/s due to breech presentation
What is your status? TTC? Pregnant? WTTC or done? preggers
Pregnant ladies, how far along are you and how are the homebirth plans coming?21 weeks and everything is looking great for the homebirth, I am super beyong excited about it just wish my insurance would stop being such a pain about it

What's new in life? Not a whole lot right now, found out two weeks ago that this baby is a girl and she is getting really active these days

Post a pic of your kid/s!!

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