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April 28th, 2011, 03:01 PM
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I was 40 weeks 3 days when i went in for my midwife appointment. She decided to check me and when she did we found out i was a big 3 cm so we decided to do a sweep to see if it could get things kick started....oh it did! On the drive home i could tell that my baby would be here soon. I got home around 530 and started timing my contractions. They were every 6 minutes apart on the dot. I called my midwife around 7:15. Just my personalitiy but i was super afraid of calling her if it wasnt the real thing..silly i know. She told me to eat dinner and call her back after. The contraction werent going away and they were intensifing. I was super afraid of them dwindling out so i decided to clean up and get my stuff ready for the birth. I called her and told her that i was fairly certin this was it. The midwifes got to my house at 10:15 pm. The immediatly started to set up the pool and the supplies. It was so cool. Like the midwife squad showed up and took over. She checked me when she got here and i was 6cm! She had me do some squats on the birth ball then let me get in the pool. It was so nice. I was handling labor very well and in between the contractions we were telling jokes and chit chatting. I was in the pool for a while (i loose track of time at this point) they had me get out and pee and sit on the birth ball. That really helped speed things up as my contractions started to get very intense. I would humm and moan and rock back and forth. He was posterior so my back labor was very intense. We got back in the pool and my dh decided to get in. He would apply counter presure to my sacrum and it helped soo much. After another hour in the pool they had me get out to pee and to check me again...i was a 9!! This is when it gets very Pretty much up until this point i can in all honestly tell you i was enjoying labor, however once trasition hit ....well intense is and understatement . We got back in the pool. Counterpressure, rocking, moaning is what was getting me through. DH was in the tub with me. My midwife checked me when she heard my moans change, and said i was compleate but with a little anterior lip. she had me push to try to get it out of the way as the baby was trying to decent, it hurt sooooo bad! my lower back felt like it was being crushed. DH was holding me back (or what felt like it) so i told him to get out of the tub. finally my water broke and the lip moved out of the way and the urge to push came. Weirdest feeling of my life. I needed to push but i didnt want to. My body did it for me. I had no choice and no purple pushing here! His head came out and i knew he was almost here. I reached down and pulled him up. I hear my midwife tell me to stop...his cord was wrapped around his whole body a couple time! His big sister was right when she said he was dancing in there! When i brought him to my chest i was so over come with love and relief. He was born at 3:16 am. It took him about 45 seconds or so to take his first breath and DH was very panicy. He was a little limp and his color hadnt chaged midwife was just about ready to give him a rescue breath when he started to make his beautiful noises. I was never worried, but my poor dh was...poor guy. After about 10 minutes in the pool we decided to move to the bed, my placenta hadnt delivered yet and we werent cutting the cord till it stopped pulsating so i litarly walked to the bed with him still attached to me . The placenta delivered and it was beautiful. He got all that awesome blood and you could tell because he is soooo pink! She stiched me up...i had a 2nd degree tear over where the did an episiotomy with my first. She sewed me up and i got comfy in bed. He latched on great. The midwifes cleaned up while me and DH admired our little man. I was so tired and hungry. They made me eggs and i side nursed him in bed. The midwife left around 5 or so and me and Henry went to sleep for a couple hours until Big sister and grandma woke up. Charlie came in to the room and yelled "baby brother is here he is sooo cute!" It was amazing. my two babies. Born so differently! Henry is very very mellow and calm...much like his birth.

The birth was everything i knew birth could be. It was empowering and fearless. Simple and intervention free. It was a healing birth for me. I know what my body can do and trusted it would do it. I sought out woman that i trusted to help me do this. My husband was able to play such a huge role which in helping me which has made him so happy! I feel like super woman...i am.

My son was born peacefully and born safely...he was born at home. It was amazing.

some quick photos


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