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April 28th, 2011, 04:21 PM
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....because I'm losing my mind. On monday the U/S measured me at 6wk 1 day even though by LMP I was 7 wk 3 days(which if I O'd late is not that far off). My HCG that day was 45234. My repeat HCG on wed at exactly 48 hours later was 57832. which has me doubling every 5 days, and I found a whole bunch of links (**** you google! lol) which say HCGs >6000 have an average doubling time of >96 hours (4 days). My Dr acknowledges that both possibilities are options and we just have to wait and see how the baby develops regardless of what the numbers are. So I could either be middle of the road and everything is fine or this pregnancy is kaput. The not knowing is driving me completely insane.

Anyone else have stories of slow rising HCG's but the pregnancy or baby is going/went completely fine? I'd also be happy to hear the stories of what HCG levels did during m/c's just so I have some real life experiences to compare mine too.......

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