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April 28th, 2011, 11:13 PM
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LOL, my time stamp from my last post threw me off. That was a workout from 4/19. Made it to the gym thrusday 4/21 and got 40 mins of cardio, 15 on the bike and 25 on the treadmill, plus an upperbody weight lifting session and the steam room for 15 mins. Friday I got i think 30mins of walking on the treadmill in and went into the steam room for 15 mins. Had a good night until saturday morning when i realized i couldn't find my microbiology book before work.

I had it at the gym while walking on the treadmill and when i got to the steam room i went directly to that area not stopping in the locker room to take my shoes off and put them in my locker. I keep forgetting to take my flipflops and have noticed the last few times that the bottom of my feet burn after getting out of the steam room and walking across the floor with wet feet. I was like crap, do i have athletes foot and then figured out that it goes away as soon as my feet dry off and not constant burning like i would think athletes foot would be. They use simple green as a cleaner and i've had problems with it in the past irritating my skin and giving me headaches and what not and i think that's what it is. Anyway the fitness center's locker room and the hot tub and sauna and steam room are a key-access area, you go through a keyed door and there is a 6-8ft hallway with a door on the left to go to the locker room and the door on the right to go to the hot tub and sauna/steam room. The mens side is set up the same way on the locker room is on the right side and door to the hot tub/saunas on the left. i went right into the steam room area took my shoes off and set my shoes and book outside the plate glass door of the steam room, again still in the private area, not everyone in the gym has access to it, was in the room for 15mins and got my shoes on and went and picked up Riley from child watch.

I can't for the life of me remember picking up my book when i left the steam room area. Called the gym saturay morning, they don't have it. Searched the gym/locker room and steam room area when i worked out saturday afternoon (hour on the treadmill and 15mins in the steam room) it wasn't there. Monday i had them review the security video, the camera points to the men's side of the entrance to the steam room area and covers the doors to the steam room and sauna but at an angle. they see me come in and set stuff by the wall but couldn't tell what i put down, i go into the steam room, 3 guys come in from the mens locker room door while i was in the room, i come out, grab stuff and leave the cameras view. They checked the video of when i came into child watch to pick up riley and i have no book in my hand.

So someone came in from the women's side off camera, never came on camera, grabbed my book and split the only textbook store in town is not buying the book back i found out monday so i have the last laugh there, dirty bastards, and i think it's worth maybe $15-20 online since a new version is coming out this fall. who the heck steals a microbiology text book, i'm laughing now because it's soo dumb but i had to rent a textbook to get me through the last 2 weeks of class. Luckly thanks to Chegg's 21-day return policy i'll get everything back but my shipping cost. what turds people can be, in the Y of all places. But off my rant now the last time i was at the gym was saturday, i really need to step it up.

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