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April 29th, 2011, 12:42 AM
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I have mostly been lurking, but I just found out tonight that my DSD has been exchanging dirty SEXT messages.. with a 19 year old man.

This guy lives in Texas (we're in Alberta Canada) and he's a good friend of my sisters boyfriend (lives in Texas). they start to chat on facebook than on xbox live and than texting. I told them both it was a bad idea and that it was inappropriate to be texting or talking on the phone. They both said oh no we're just friends, and she insisted that she didn't like him in that way. (I had a hunch this was just BS. what 13 year old girl wouldn't like attention from an older guy)

Just today her mom saw text messages on her phone saying things like "I'm touching myself, you make me wet" and long distance phone calls (1-2 hours) and if any of you have called long distance to the USA and it's not covered you know it's expensive.

Her mom flipped out, she was angry, crying and has banned her from all electronics. no phone, computer, xbox. Same goes for over here which I am perfectly OK with.

I am feeling very hurt, betrayed. She lied to me. he lied to me and he was told by me, my sister, my brother and my sisters BF and they all told him to back off. He blatantly did not listen and they even talked about dating. They both knew it was wrong from the get go. She has a lot of trust to earn back from all of us, mostly her mom and myself. Her mom handled it very well they had a chat and DSD apparently feels bad and is very sorry but I won't believe it until she apologizes to me.
I never said anything more to the two of them because I didn't want them to think I was being over reactive or something, and it also wasn't my place. I also didn't know that her mom didn't know they were talking so much. Had I known it had gotten to this level I would have said something way before. But now I feel that I had every right to be concerned. I am pretty sure if her mom knew he was 19 and they were texting/calling she would have put her foot down.

What would you do? Step moms how would you handle it? Should I approach her or wait for her to come to me to say sorry? Moms what would you do if you found out your DD was behaving this way? I am quite disappointed that she would sell herself short like this. She's not that kind of girl. *shake my head*
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