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April 29th, 2011, 08:34 AM
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Get his butt locked up as a sex offender. They have finally brought the law to match technology and sexting with a teen is now the same as actually having sex with them. He's over 18 and she's under 16 so absolutely, I'd press charges. (not sure if as a stepmom you can do this yourself, but i'd bet it wouldn't take much to convince mom and dad to do it)

As for her, I agree that she needs to lose her access to all technology. I personally don't feel a 13 yr old needs a cell phone at all and this illustrates why I feel this way. It's too easy to go too far. (i also, now, feel the same way about ipod touch mp3 players too... know a girl who found apps for all sorts of inappropriate things for her age)

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