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April 29th, 2011, 10:22 AM
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Day 75

I really need to take measurements. I took some on day 60, but don't know where I put them and didn't get it posted on here. I guess I'll take new measurements, just not sure when.

I weighed in this morning and FINALLY in the 140s!!! I'm psyched. Weighed in at 149.5. That means I'm down 25.5 pounds in 75 days. Not too shabby. I've got 14.5 lbs to go. Don't think I'll lose it by the time 90 days are up, but think I can lose it before the half marathon so good enough for me. I'd really like to lose 20 lbs for the race, but not sure that will happen. I'd like to be running under 130lbs, but we'll see how it goes.

Honestly I am more focused on my racing right now than my weight, but getting this weight off is part of the plan to run faster. I know I will not beat my time goals if I don't lose some of this weight. Anyhow, will update eventually with measurements.

Oh, yes kids scratched my Angie Miller kettlebell dvd so I'm doing Jillian's Ripped in 30. Once I finish this I am going to rotate between Ripped in 30, 30 Day Shred, and this Abs & Pushups dvd. They are all 30 minutes so I figure I'll do those until I finish my marathon. Post marathon I think I want to do P90X.

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