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April 30th, 2011, 08:52 AM
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The tag line is sarcastic. It's a quote that women with any kind of birth trauma hear over and over and over again. It's even codified in our legal system, since most lawyers will not pursue a malpractice case unless the baby was injured or died. All of these people make women with birth trauma feel like their emotions, their mental health, and their bodily integrity don't matter. I don't expect every woman who looks at that picture to have the same reaction. No piece of art evokes the same reaction in everyone. I think it's perfectly fine to say "i find it insulting because the artist is implying that i am mutilated, and i don't feel that way"

But don't tell me that I don't get to feel mutilated. And certainly don't tell me that I should be grateful that I have a healthy baby and not care about the egregious assault that was perpetrated against me. Until you've walked in my shoes, you don't know anything about how I should or do feel.

My daughter is perfect, but her birth was not. If you or someone you love is struggling to cope with a traumatic childbirth experience, please visit
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