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April 30th, 2011, 10:20 AM
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I am writing here because these stories helped me get through my miscarriage and I hope my story can help someone else someday. At age 36, I was 12 weeks pregnant (my first time pregnant) when I went for my first ultrasound. I was seeing a midwife, (legal in Ontario, Canada) so there is no push to get many ultrasounds. However, two nights before my ultrasound, I found some dark blood clots when I wiped. I saw my midwife the next day and she said it was most likely some old blood and that she was not concerned. But that night I found more blood clots when I wiped, and I felt then, that I knew something was wrong, and cried in my husbands arms. He, an optimist, wasn't sure I was right. But I knew. When we went to the hospital I told the RN who was conducting my ultrasound that I had found some blood and wasn't feeling hopeful. I did this because I had heard from another friend who miscarried that they don't tell you right away if they don't hear a heartbeat, and I wanted to know. As she felt my belly, she said, I don't hear anything, I'll need to check inside. When she did, she said the fetus had died at 7.5 weeks. We could see it on the screen, much smaller than the sac. It was a shock to hear that the fetus had been dead inside me for so long, while I had still been experiencing nausea and growing breasts and a little bit of a belly. The doctor who spoke to me after said that the body still thinks it is pregnant even after the fetus died. I was recommended the next day to take misoprostol, rather than a d/c. So that afternoon I put the 4 misoprostol inside me. I took Tylenol 3 and advil as well. I was told that since I had already started showing some blood and had some cramps it should happen quicker, and the information sheet they gave me said it would take between 6 and 12 hours, but the nurse said she didn't think it would take 12 hours. Let me say, it went on for 14 hours and was the most painful thing my body has ever been through, the contractions started getting longer and longer and more painful. They say miscarriage is like a mini-labour. I was bleeding a lot, and threw up at around 12 hours, but didn't pass the sac or the embryo. At hour 14 i passed a Very large blood clot, but I could tell, after reading many stories about miscarrying, that it wasn't the sac. My husband thought it was, or might be. But I knew it wasn't. I couldn't believe after so much pain it hadn't come out. They do say on the info sheet that 10-20% of women will not pass after the first dosage of misoprostol and to take it again 24 hours later, but there was no way I was going to put my body through that again, so the nurse at the hospital said that I could just wait for it to happen naturally. I read up about natural herbs/teas to take to help the miscarriage along, and as I am very into natural herbs already, I started making red raspberry leaf tea and then bought some parsley and made a tea from that, and then took a sitz bath with red raspberry leaf, a whole bulb of garlic and salt, and lowered myself in and out of the bath for 45 minutes. I also took 2000mg of viramin c four times a day. All these things help soften and open the cervix naturally. 4 days later, it still hadn't come out. So I made myself some blue cohosh tea. One hour later, sitting on the toilet, I felt something hard pass through me. I knew that was it. Peering into the toilet, I saw something shaped like a lemon or a large beet, as I had read about. I fished it out and looked at it, it was glossy/bloody and I could see a tiny embryo, it looked peaceful, and I was very sad, of course. For about an hour afterwards I cramped. I felt quite faint the next two days, but after that physically was fine. Emotionally, I was very down. I am a freelance writer so was lucky enough not to have to go into work, so I took a week off and just stayed in and watched movies and read books and cried. We buried the sac in our garden and will plant vegetables over top. It has now been two weeks. I had very bad headache for two days, one week after the miscarriage. Now two weeks later I find I am very hungry. I have still been bleeding and now am just spotting a little. I have refrained from having sex with my husband until all bleeding has stopped. I am going to wait about 5 months until we try again. I hope my story helps other women going through this sad time. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and I am so sorry for the loss. It is amazing when you go through a miscarriage, how you find so many women have been through the same. The doctor at the hospital said she tells someone every single day. If I were to do this again though, I think I would skip the misoprostol and wait for the miscarriage to happen naturally, informed by what herbs and teas I can take to help the body along.
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