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April 30th, 2011, 08:37 PM
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Ok I have been the worst buddy ever! But I am back.!

I am doing well, I have lost 3lbs since Tuesday!!!!! Herbalife, exercising like a mad woman because of all the freaking energy I have and drinking 2L of water every day! I can not believe how well this is working for me!

On another note this is the last weigh in next tuesday for my weight loss challenge. I am determined to get my 5lb down button. I have been striving to get that since the begining and I am finally close! I seems I lose 3, gain 1 and then gain back the other 2 back the next in 12 weeks I have gotten no where....pffttt.....I am not staying like this forever.

I am motivated now...I am rocking and I know this will continue!

So Amy baby! Lets do this.....YOU can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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