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May 2nd, 2011, 08:24 AM
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I just thought I'd say hi and that I'm really glad I found somewhere I can relate to other people.

I'm 25 and Have 2 children,
DS is 7. I was toxic and pre e, induced at 36 weeks. Severe jaundice and low birth weight. He is a healthy boy and you'd never know.
DD is 14months. Toxic, svere pre e, induced at 34 weeks. Severe low birth weight unstable sugar and heart for first 48. Now also a happy chubby kid with no ill affects.

We just found out we're expecting again. I have had multiple chemical pregnancies and one mc at 12 weeks in 2007.
My husband is very nervous. I know he doesn't want to get excited until we have an ultrasound and see a heartbeat. Sometimes I wish he'd be happier though. I feel like I'm all alone in my excitment. I can't tell any of our parents until after the ultrasound because the dissapointment is hard on them (they are elderly).

My brother already lectured me on having more kids. He thinks I am punishing my children by inflicting many of our hereditary disabilities on them.

Anyways sorry for such a long rant.
Does anybody else ever feel alone with their joys?
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