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May 2nd, 2011, 07:11 PM
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Hey everybody! I'm Amy, 38 years old, married to the sweetest guy I've ever met, and with an eleven year-old son who's wanted a sibling as long as he can remember. My husband and I started TTC immediately after our honeymoon in November of 2010, and we got pregnant in our second cycle! We didn't tell anyone except family... which ended up being a good thing since we went in for our 8 week appt. to find that we had miscarried at 7 weeks.

So... we're starting again, and thinking positive thoughts. Thanks so much to everyone here for listening and being such a great source of knowledge! (Edit - this journal has gone from a TTC journal to a Preg journal! Here's hoping it stays that way!)

11/22/10: officially started TTC
11/24/10: CD1
12/24/10: CD1
1/21/11: BFP!
2/21/11: miscarriage
2/22/11: CD1 (D&C)
3/27/11: CD1
4/27/11: CD1
5/21/11: BFP!!
5/31/11: no symptoms... a little nervous. Went in for bloodwork. HcG: 2481
6/6/11: sonogram! saw sac and fetal pole, no baby yet. HcG: 25,581 Prog: 22.5
6/13/11: sonogram! Saw baby and heartbeat of 128, new EDD 2/4/12
6/30/11: sonogram! Saw baby and heartbeat of 171, shifted EDD 2/2/12 ♥
8/03/11: 14 weeks today! Heartbeat great on doppler, everything going well. EDD 2/1/12.
♥ Amy from Texas (38) ♥
♥ married to Michael (30), mom to Daniel (11) ♥
♥ and excited to meet Milo, #2 due Feb 1, 2012! ♥

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