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May 4th, 2011, 01:18 PM
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I do think that the way the 13 year old acted was influenced by the 19 year old guy. While I think that the 19 year old should be punished I agree with the other poster who mentioned it could really put the girl through the wringer if charges were pressed and a case was persued. Also where did your sd learn that language that she was using?? I would be concerned about that! This might not have been her first inappropriate conversation with a guy? Sorry for saying that...but I would wonder.

As a mom I would probably want to contact the guy myself and let him know how inappropriate the contact was and that if he attempted to contact the daughter again I would go ahead and press charges.

I would take away all electronics from the daughter. I would block his numbers from her cell even after I had decided to give it back. I would also put a new passowrd in my wireless router so nobody could sneak online.

It sounds like your husbands ex has pretty much handled the situation on her end. I would think as long as its okay with your husband that you could also talk to your stepdaughter about how disappointed you are in the way she acted.

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