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May 4th, 2011, 01:57 PM
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I am wondering aboout mixing two formulas (doing half and half in a bottle) to help with Emily's reflux and sensitive digestion. She is 6 weeks, and we started her on Enfamil Newborn, which caused a lot of gas and bursts of screaming fits. Then we went to Similac Sensitive for fussiness and gas. That helped some and really lessened her fits, but didn't totally stop the crying and gas. We are now on Nutramigen which tastes bad but has gotten rid of even more symptoms and cut back on the gas (only on day 4 so far though). Now I am realizing she may have developed reflux because she is increasing in hiccups, spitting up, crying when eating, and wet burps. My theory is if I continue with Nutramigen to relieve lower tummy problems and mix Enfamil AR to relieve reflux then they would help the two issues. Of course, we always take standard measures to keep her reflux down like sitting up and frequent burping, but it's still there. The Nutramigen also keeps her stools soft and flowing whereas I have heard the AR can cause constipation. I figure maybe the Nutramigen would balance that. What do you think?

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