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May 4th, 2011, 05:21 PM
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I am a full time student and FTM. I plan on continueing my college, but being a SAHM. We havn't decided officially on what we will do yet, but I will either take night classes or online classes. I prefer online classes. Many universities allow night classes. My classes are only two days a week, so it wouldn't be that difficult. DH would work as usual and take care of the kiddo while I go to school for a short period of time. Of course I may have to take less credit hours per semester - but I can handle that! (I am taking off until next Spring semester begins... I attended this years fall and spring. I was thinking of attending fall but baby is due in end july possibly early Aug and I don't want to have to miss a bunch of classes while he is being born)
It is def possible, you just have to stay strong! I suggest not attending school the semester your baby is due though. That may be a little too crazy. I know I missed two days of school this year for my wedding and I regret it so much! (It was days I didn't have to miss, but I did so I could spend time with my bridesmaids) It is hard to miss a class and make up for it.
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