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May 5th, 2011, 07:19 AM
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I plan on using disposable diapers. It is easy for me and with daycare it will just be easier all around. I have always been about low maintenance options.

However I am also into cheap/cost-effective ideas. I am going to be off work for 8-12 weeks. Would it be worth it to buy a few cloth diapers for her to use during those times and save the disposable for daycare? Is there any issues with switching between both?

Other cloth questions: Do you wash cloth diapers in their own load or can you wash them with the other clothes? Are they a really big hassle (my sister is implying they are too much hassle)?

Simple math (not factoring in cost of washing): 1 cloth diaper = $20
1 disposable diaper = $.20
so 1 cloth diaper is the cost of 100 disposables
So if I got 10 cloth diapers, I would need to use them for 125 days (assuming she goes through 8 diapers a day) to even out the cost of disposables. Thats about 4 months to net even.
Did I miss something?

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