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May 5th, 2011, 01:53 PM
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bowlingbabe6 (amber) Kristopher Alexander June 28th 10:45am Grew Wings July 4th 12:45am

Megxta (Megan) Georgia Ann Elyse July 1st 4:22pm 2lbs

mommyakawifey (Arielle) Lacey Mikayla July 3rd at 9:31pm 3 lbs

TwoPeasinaPod Audrey Grace ( baby A) 3 lbs 15 oz and Ashton Colin ( Baby B) weighed in at 3 lbs 9 oz. July 16th at 8:30am

hippie hugs (Samantha) Roan Roth Reid on August 8th at 3:18 AM 2lbs 15oz
mommybugnbugga (Shanna) Oliver Lowell born August 8 at 3:29 AM 7 lb 11 oz and 20in

Leogirl (Holly) Nara Faye August 10th 9:25am 6lbs 4oz. and 19 inches long

AmandaScarlett (Amanda) Scarlett born August 12th 10:20 and is 6lbs

Tulipmomma (Jill) Beckett August 13th 6lbs 10 oz

tiggblue (Coral) David August 17th 4.5 pounds and 17.5 inches

Beesgirl (Corine)Mia Ashley August 18th 7:49pm 7lb 2oz 20in

Justiah (Justiah) Micaiah Joshua August 22 at 2:22pm weighing 6 pounds 14 and a half ounces and 20.47 In
mommytanya (Tanya) Blake August 22 at 10:29am 6lbs 15oz 19.5in

Laceymm88 (Lacey) Ridley Matthew August 23rd 8:18pm 6lbs 5oz 19.5in
dbarney (Diana) Ammon August 23 11:39pm 6lbs 14oz 19 in

janey_2011 (Janey) Penelope Jean August 24th 4:50am 6lbs 9oz
sunnysky24 Max Gregory 9lbs 3oz
x.mary.x (Mary) Leigha Grace August 24th at 7:48am 8lbs 7oz 20in

momto11kids (Brenda) Emily Charlotte August 25th 7:33 am 8lbs 3oz 21 1/2in

alicia1984 (Alicia) Dominic Michael August 25th 3:32pm 9lbs 3oz 20 1/2 in

soon 2b mommy of 4 Sharlize Ginnifer August 26th at 9:20am 7lbs 6 oz

majicmaid (Allison) Adrian Christopher August 27th 2:23pm 8 lbs 12oz 21.5in

TheNewestPhelps (Sarah) Zackary Thomas August 28th 12:05 p.m. 7lbs 11oz 20 1/4in
mom2moose (Jenny) Finnegan Michael August 28th 8lbs 13oz 21.5in

tiffany&co.Claire Elise August 30th 7lbs 1oz 19in
Monkeykisses Rachel Marie August 30th 6:37pm 7lb 12oz 20in

SamanthasMommy09 (Jennifer) Ella August 31st 4:41pm 7lb 14oz 20 inches
Jen9213 (Jen) Ryan August 31st 6:43pm 8lbs 11oz 20.5in
LindseyandJoeinALKhloe Lauren August 31 4:06 p.m 7lbs 13oz 20.5in
California_Mommy79 (Harmony) Isaiah Thomas August 31st 12:11pm 8lbs 4oz 20 in

sarahe210 (Sarah) Abigail Mae September 1st 1:20am 5lbs 13oz 18.5in
Katharinas mama (Jessica) Johanna September 1st
Mommy2Clayton (Ashley) Clayton September 1st 1:49pm 6lbs 12oz 19.25in
miraclebaby2011 (Rettak) Napoleon Isabell III Grew Wings
bayhay (Kristi) Katarina Bailey 7:39am 8lbs 15oz
J09C11 (Remembered Hope) (Sarah) Corbin Alexander September 1st 9:19am 6lb 9oz 19.75in
Mrs. AC Gabriella Rose September 1st 2:34am 6lbs 10oz and 20.5in

Kinnmt (Caty) Brooklyn Claire September 2nd 8lbs 9oz 21in
MarisaKay (Marisa) Hank Jeffrey September 2nd 3:22am
Kristen L Harper Celeste September 2nd 1:06 a.m 6lbs 3oz 19 1/8in

KandBbabyLeduff (Kiera) Brelyn Jade September 3rd 3:09pm 3lbz 13oz 17in
Katie+3babies Phoebe September3rd 1:03pm 9lb13oz 21 inches

*~Lulu'sMommy~* (Nicole) Jaxon Alexander September 4th 2:42pm 8lbs 10oz 20.5in
ssherices (Sherice) Dylan Alan Powers 7lbs 13.3oz 19.5in (Stephanie) Killian Archer September 5th 10:51 pm 5lbs 10oz 19.5in

justarandomname47 (Suzi)Caleb September 6th 9lbs 9oz
bajars2531 (Breea) Caeden Lee September 6th 7lbs 6oz 19.5in

Dee Darling 3 (Dierdre)DD#2 September 7th 7:57pm 4lbs 9oz 17.75in
Cruiser (Natalie) Everett Robert September 7th 12:03am 6lbs 13oz 20in
AmiraX2 Batoolee September7th 5lbs 21.5in

Daisy79 (Rebecca) Easton Jake September 8th 7lbs 13oz 19in
Logiesmomma (Katie) September 8th Collin Parker 7lbs 15oz 19.24in
robinmichele87 (Robin) Archer Reichen September 8th 6:02pm 8lbs 1oz 20.5in
~*mama2jack&mack*~ (sarah)Brooklyn Jane September 8th 8lb9oz 20.5in
KLBEVERS (Kayla) Abigail Layne September 8th 6:34 6lbs 15oz 19in
BallerinaMom64 (Danielle) Mason James September 8th 4:46 8lbs 7oz
hannahbaby99 Carson Matthew September 8th 11:31am 6lbs 1oz 19.5 in

Racheal 2010 Wilton Christopher September 9th 8.5lbs 21.5in
wwwmom2011 (Joni) Willa Rose September 9th 9:42pm 6lb 14oz
HazelIsabelle Sophia September 9th 7:52pm 7lbs 8oz 19in
Mum2LandG (Lindsay) September 9th Cooper James 2:25pm 7lbs 5oz 21in
Steeler Mom (Beth) Jacob Daniel September 9th 8:24pm 7lb 9oz 20 1/2in
ttcnumberthree Cora Paige September 9th 2:45pm 6lbs 9oz 20.5in
kd76 (Katie) Mason Kate September 11th 4:17am
MsSilverSpec(Selina)Aniela MarieSeptember 9th 10:05am 5lbs 14oz
YoungerMomma Addison Dana September 9th 12:25am 7lbs 6oz 19in

lorelai'smom Ashlyn Savannah Sepetmber 10th 4:43pm 5lbs 13oz 19in

2nd_Peanut_on_Board (Danelle)Cecilia Colleen September 13th 7:40 pm 8lbs 20.5in

Sushi_And_Sci-Fi (Jillian) Matthew September 14th 3:21am 8lb 7oz 20.4 in
Bri Lynn Violet Grace September 14th 11:24am 8lb5oz 20.5 inches
Jen2spin Caleb September 14th 6:36am 6lbs 11oz 19.3in

amycc (Amy) Davis Jeffrey September 15th 7.9lbs 20in
Cwright Lilly Mae September 15th 7lbs 15oz 20in
Andrea1122Evan Lucas September 15th 4:24pm 8lbs 6oz 21in
Papasgirl (Stefanie) Emma Marie September 15th 3:34am 7lb 6oz 20in
onedaysoon (Charlene) Dawson Douglas September 15th 7:52am 6lb 13oz 20 inches
Seoulmom (Robin) Baby Boy 7lbs 10oz 21in
Jeanna0330Kendall Avery September 15th 12.11pm 6lbs 5oz 18in

EricaLee (Erica) Kaitlyn Jean September 16th 9:20pm 7lbs 14oz 20in
TVmom (Amanda)Caleb James September 16th 3:47PM 7lbs 15oz 19in
brandaleana (Brandy) Jacek Hart September 16th 7:32am 11lb 13oz 22.5in

Timberlyn (Timberlyn)Callum Michael DavilaSeptember 18th 4:03pm

applejacks Katherine Marguerite September 19th 4:15pm 6lbs 12.5oz 19in
coquetayloca (Bianca) September 19th Baby Boy
bittersweet (Erin) Baby Boy September 19th 6 lbs 4 oz and 20 in
Babymakes8 Peyton Elizabeth September 19th 8:05am 7lbs 3.3oz 18in
BrennaluetBrendan Wiley September 19th 7:12am 7lbs 11oz

blondie-lox (Laurel) Fallon Hendrix September 20th 9:30pm 11lbs 5oz 21.5in
Ashley-Michelle (Ashley)Ava Reese September 20th 6lbs 11.5oz 19.75in
DexysMidnight (Eileen) Abigail Catherine September 20th 6:28 pm 6lbs 10oz 19in

momie2b9-20-11 (Ashley) Kynslee Lynn Raquelle September 21st 1:51am 6lbs 4oz

JessP (Jessi) Kaitlynn September 21st 7lbs 14oz 20in

squigglesDylan September 22nd 11:05pm 8lbs 8oz
RawrmeansIloveyou (Amy)Holden ArcherSeptember 22nd 1:20 pm 7 lbs, 15 oz. 20 in long

Loriboo(Lorena) Liana Rosalie September 23rd 5:25pm 8lbs 18.5in
Momma2Braylon (Jennifer) Madeline Ellen September 23rd 2:37pm 7lbs 11oz 19 3/4in
Momof3boyz (Rose) Carson James September 23rd 2:14pm 10lbs 6oz 21 3/4in

mom2twolittlemen (Catherine) Nathan Douglas September 25th 7:42am 5lbs 15oz 18.75in
kfink818 (Kristin) Kayleigh Michele September 25th 1:01am 8lbs 15oz 21in
mamareising (Kara)Isabella Ann September 25th 11:55am 6lbs 12oz 18in

answeredprayer (Kara)Little Boy September 26th 10:25pm

MerridithClaire Annabella September 27th 9:55am 8 lbs 13 oz 20 3/4 in
mum2ben Adalyn Jane September 27th 10:58am 7lbs 4oz 21 1/4in
day_dreamer2010 (Crystal)Addison Preslee September 27th , 19 12:41pm 7lbs 9oz 19in
FLATeacher (Steph) Bianca Sophia September 27th 7lbs 11oz 20in

MommyShan (Shannon) Bentley Andrew September 30th 11:37am 8lb 4oz 21.5in

MommySiobhan (Siobhan)Ariana Grace October 5th 4:16pm 7lbs 11oz and 19in

Gender Totals!!!! 56 53 11

September 2011 Angel Babies-Never Forgotten:
missrebel, Tonya_Ashlyn, Nemilia, Cavewoman, Momofemnry,TnPhotoMama81, lindsey2000k, Harmony73, SoCalJB, Will's Mommy, ljcbrown, Lavender29, Linz L-I, acchickpea, sweet.hun, Ryleeroo, Sweetpea79, blue_fire, dwhite23, Kristopher Alexander June 28th 10:45am Grew Wings July 4th 12:45am

MIA Mommies:
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danni611 (Angie) Due September 4th Last post April 1st
KristenV (Kristen) Due September 11th Last Post April 4th
rlmccrady (Roxann) Due September 11th Last Post May 5th
kristibeth Due September 18th Last Post May 3rd
momwithsmiles (Amber) Due September 19th Last post June 3rd
Third on the Way (Jen) Dues September 20th Last post April 7th
PameŁa (Pamela) Due September 20th Last Post May 28th\
TexAg07 (Krissy) Due September 22nd Last Post June 7th
Cindyrellablue Due September 23rd Last post May5th
accessdenied6875 Due September 24th Last Post April 8th
mrsnb (natalie) Due September 24th Last Post April 15th
britneyxo Due September 24th Last Post June 7th
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graygirl (Megan)- c-section end of September Due October 2nd Last Post April 18th
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