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May 5th, 2011, 02:50 PM
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It's Week 17!

Today I went in for my second progesterone shot, and my very first nurse-visit-only appointment. I am now even more glad I'm having them done at the clinic instead of doing them at home, because it turns out when you go in for a nurse visit, you get a doppler check with that nasty shot! So I got to hear little Maggie's heart beating (150 per minute, for the record) before having the shot. It doesn't sting so much afterward this time, thank goodness!

Let's see, what else...we had the March of Dimes walk last Saturday and my team raised over $3000! I'm super proud of them! After the walk, though, I was totally beat and sore for 2 days. I am WAY out of shape, that's for sure! I've also definitely popped out quite a bit, and the lower back pain is starting up already. My hips are also sore when I wake up in the morning--I have a sleep number bed so I turned it down to be softer, and that is helping with the hip pain, but probably making the back pain worse. 23 weeks more of this does not sound fun, thank goodness there is such a good prize at the end of it!
~Beth in Seattle

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