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May 6th, 2011, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by alicenwonderland View Post
i would NOT do this. Nutramigen relieves digestive symptoms because the proteins are broken down. If you add AR to it, you are defeating the entire purpose. A better idea would be to thicken the formula yourself using rice cereal or another thickening agent. If you are still having issues on nutramigen, i would see help from a pediatrician for reflux meds, or script for a more sensitive formula.
I understand AR will reintroduce milk proteins, but what I was hoping for would be fewer proteins with the benefit of helping her reflux. We had DS on Zantac early on and it did not go well. Eventually took him off. I did not want to add rice because this baby is only 6 weeks old. So far she is doing well with the mix. No bad gas or crying fits, and her stools (while still frequent) are not almost diarrhea like with Nutramigen only. I figured they would bulk up some with AR without causing constipation (another fight we had with our firstborn). I am going to continue this and see how she does and if the pain comes back. Our next apointment is not until May 25th, so if this gets bad again I will call the dr.

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