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May 6th, 2011, 10:49 AM
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you can give it a shot, but be on the lookout for symptoms of increased protein intolerance. (extreme fussiness, poor sleep, stools with a high liquid component that soaks into the diaper, strings of mucous in the diaper, flecks of red in the diaper, vomiting 1 hour or more after eating, increased reflux symptom, red target ring rash around the anus)

Many babies when switching to a protein reduced formula like Nutramigen, or one of the elementas, they have a reflux flare as their bodies adjust to digesting differently. The reflux is temporary and usually clears in 2 weeks. So don't give up on nutramigen just because of an inital reflux flare. (though nutramigen still contains milk protein and is not tolerated by some babies)

You'll have to pardon me on this issue, as i've dealth with it for my son's entire life. Reflux almost disappeared when finally switching to the right formula, though it was a difficult transition. He was too sensitive even for nutramigen, and is now on prescription formula. Protein sensitivy can be dangerous if not treated properly, and i hope you aren't masking symptoms with a thickened formula.

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