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May 6th, 2011, 12:00 PM
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Well what really bothered me when we switched to Nutramigen was the decrease in her eating, even though it is a pretty thin formula, and the very loose stools, some of which were nothing but water. I believe she needs something easy to digest, but that just didn't feel right to me, maybe TOO easy and thin. It also didn't feel right when she went from eating 4 oz. to 2-3 at the most, and would gag at the end if I tried to give it to her one last time. It was almost like the taste just turned her stomach. Since I started this, she is back up to 3.5-4 oz. per bottle and so far her stools have more consistency and there is less gas. The spitting up didn't bother me as far as reflux goes, but she kept crying while drinking the Nutramigen, hence a possible reason why she wasn't eating much.

I think if she were truly very sensitive to proteins it would show up when any amount was given to her. I just know the Infamil Newborn and Similac Sensitive gave her much worse problems than what we have now. I also keep a close eye on her stools for changes. With the Similac, she was having dark green blobs (like a slime consistency) with her crying fits. Thankfully that is gone as well.

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