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July 27th, 2006, 11:27 AM
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The impression I have gotten from my friends who don't have kids are that they are jealous that I am married with a baby. One friend just got married and has been dying to get married and have kids for years. She would like kids ASAP but I think they are waiting until they are able to buy a house and get settled. She was disappointed that I couldn't wait for her to have kids. Another close friend turned 30 this year and has never been married and doesn't have a boyfriend. She is hard to talk to because it's like she doesn't want to hear about what is going with Ally because it upsets her because it makes her think of where she is in her life (which isn't where she would have chosen ideally... she would like to be married and able to have kids as well). I feel very lucky to be where I am and wouldn't want to be single or struggling to have kids right now.

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