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May 7th, 2011, 12:52 PM
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Hi! Just turned 40 and have been trying to have another baby for a year. Have a beautiful five year-old who asks for a sibling every day. Never thought I would be the mom of an only child. One round of clomid, but I can't do it; I can't do ultrasounds and shots every month; I just can't.
However, I am dying inside. With no one to talk to about this (besides my sweet husband) who is being so brave, and with family who are so worried about my age, I feel like I am carrying the heaviest weight. Sorry for the "woe is me," but I have been reading secondary infertility sites and crying and just need to get it out there.
What is OPK? What is DHEA? A B6 pill? Where do I find soy isoflavins?
I thought, when I got my period last week, after five months of infertility treatments, that I was done; that I could just be okay with being her mom. But, as the days leading up to ovulation approach, I want to "try" again. Every test has come out fine and last month everything looked "great." I know I am supposed to listen to the universe, but this has leveled me.
Just looking for a few companions who understand.
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