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May 8th, 2011, 07:20 AM
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This is very ver long story of how my gorgeous little boy came into the world and fought for his life

Me and my oh Dan went into tesco to do our normal weekly shopping.
Thinking nothing of it "I just need a wee back in a sec" i said to Dan.
Same again 5 mins later.. i thought i was peeing myself then i started to go hot and have back pains
We finished shopping went home and i sat on a twoel for an hour, didnt think i was in labour at 32 weeks!!!

Got a batha nd went to bed go tup at about 10pm couldnt sleep so phoned the hospital and said i wa sin labour.. OMFG!! I was so not ready for my baby boy to come this early!!

I went and i was around 1 cm dialted so sent me home

went back following day as not stopped and i couldnt do anything.. my waters had gone and i couldnt stand or stit or do anythign without this slowy coming out of me

I was told i was going to be induced one minute and then i wasnt as i had an infection etc and owul dbe safer for him to stay in tehre as long as possible.. then they said right we have a cot ready so lets get u induced and save ur cot so its all ready.. noo they wanted to wait as still soem waters around him bu tonly like 1 cm! aarghhh whyy thats dangerous!!!

anyway basically some lady then had twns so that cot was taken up by those babies...

Basically we were told that kings lynn hospital were having alot of free cots so i was teken tehre.. well i thought i was going to be taken ther ebut nooo i had to get driven by danat midnight!!!

Got there he was told to go home as they were waiting till next day and talking about c-section as that maybe wquicker and safer for the baby as not any waters now ..

2am that night i was told to phone Dan as they were going to induce me.. at half 2 (dan hadnt even arrived at this point was 2 hour drive from our house) i was in labour till around 12 till they realised i was only 2 and half cms i got asked if id prefere a c-section as could distress the baby i agreed i was tired etc and i was concerned about the baby

eventually went down at 2oclock dan looked goo din the blues
i got told i was having stitches as my surgeon prefered those...
i was happy id prefere those anyway i was allergic to silver

Riley was born at 2.06 pm by ceaserean i was not awake properly as i was throwing up reacting badly to everythign i was given i didnt even see riley untill he was 6 hours old. they tried to let m ehold him when he was pulled out but i was basically out of it!!

i was in recovery for nearly 4hrs.. they were very worried i wouldnt make it.. i cant remmeber any of this dan tell sme it all all ican remmeber is teh dr in reocervy telling me " stay with us sarah, dont fall asleep now!"

i think if i did i wouldnt be here today, thinking back i am soo ******* lucky ( now thinking back im nearly in tears!)
dan also tells me he was scared he would be on his own, losing me and riley as he was born at 32+2 weeks that basically 7-8 weeks prem

anyway i was taken to a motehr and baby ward.. i was maybe losing my baby.. i didnt even no if my baby was alive i felt ill and all i have is a pic of my baby in the incubator and i see mums with their babies kissing and cuddling and their families and friends laughing! i complained i was mortified!

i was told if i wanted my own room i would have to pay 70 quid ! stuff that i complained again and next day i got my own room

i saw my baby at 7pm i was determined.. they told me not get up or do anything as could rip my staples out.. i said what? staples i thought i was having stitches.. (3days later they had to come out as it got infected i was allergic to teh nickle!! )

anyway iw ent dfown to see riley at scbu he didnt need oxygen or anything!! how proud wa si of my little boy!! i just saw this tiny little baby in just a nappy with tubes everywhere, wasnt very ncie but then i thought how proud i was of him doing so well!!
i wanst happy i couldnt hol dhim though i couldnt even touch him :'(

i was wheeled bakc in tears as i was tired about 2 hours later.. dan pulling along my drip and the nurse pushinfg me in those horrible hospital wheelchairs!

anyway my stitches came out dan went home i wa son my own around 70 miles away from anyone.. my baby in intensive care and i could hear babies crying etc was awful time i actually couldnt wait to get home

after 10 days i did go home leaving my baby in that hospital all those miles away... what if anything happened to him would take ahges for us to get there.. what if dan was at work while it happened omg what do i do.. i aid can we sleep in teh car in the carpark to dan lol!!

we did go home and was the best nigth sleep i had in weeks lol i did phone theh hosp about 2times but i was suprisingly ok!

he was transfered the next day a bit closer to home as he was more secure state to teh james paget in yarmouth.. only 20 miles away now so a little easier

the first hospital didnt want to try him on my breast or teh bottle "hes too small theres no chance he will take it try ina few weeks" a few weeks i want him home now!!!

anyway the 2nd hospital tried his first night!! he took to it! i kno wmy own ******* baby!!

i was soo proud of him! 7 weeks prem and he took toa bottle and 11 days old

his feed tubve was taken out and he came home 2 days later

hwo proud and happy wa si.. scared mind u inacse he had a relapse but he didnt he grew and grew and grew

hes now on leaps and bounds and now at 10 and half mnths old adjusted about 9 mnths old he trying to walk and hes on prper food too!!

so rpoud of my baby boy!!

dont know what i would have done without him here today

i know if i do and when i do have another id never go to kings lynn as they didn even let me hold my baby when i wanted to " its too late its 11pm he needs sleep and so do u" ******* nurse i know aht i can and cant do with my bloody bvaby u ***** lol

anyway hope u enjoyed my lovely long story of there birth of my baby boy Riley

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