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May 10th, 2011, 09:17 AM
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I think there is a point in anyones unplanned pregnancy where they *question* what to do and what is right. This doesn't mean that they actually consider doing it, but it is always a question. I knew just from growing up and being taught that you don't have an abortion, so I knew I wouldnt. But there were times when I layed awake before telling DH, who was my FI at the time, thinking that if I don't tell him maybe I can abort it and he will never know. Or I can wait till the baby M/C by some chance and he will never know then either. But then I also was filled with happy thoughts.
I think you will do what is right FOR YOU. I am 100% pro-choice. But just know, even though my baby was unplanned, I am more excited then EVER. I had so many plans that I still wanted to do. I even had to cancel plans as simple as summer vacation this year. BUT my baby is totally worth it. (OH, and I was scared to tell DH as well... He was very happy, and I think sometimes he gets more excited then me these days LOL)

Good luck and always know that it is OK to think about it.
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