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May 10th, 2011, 12:03 PM
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We deal with that & it's particularly frustrating because they live 4 hours away so the 1/2 point is a 2 hour drive. But the ex has to be in control.

The worst incident was when they said "we're going to meet at 2". Dh had the day off and it was in the middle of the week. His car was in the shop so he dropped me off at work & the kids off at daycare. And then at noon left. Planning to be back in plenty of time to pick me up & work & the kids at daycare by 6pm. When he got to the meeting spot (a restaurant), he called his ex and she said they hadn't even left yet So he had to sit there for 3 more hours with nothing to do.

On top of that he couldn't make it home in time to get the kids from daycare by 6pm. So I had a friend drive me to the daycare - which was 35 minutes from our house. She couldn't give us a ride home because she didn't have carseats & neither did I - they were in my car. I sat outside on a sunny 90 degree day with my 1 & 5 year olds. I was soooooo angry!!!!!

If she had just called to say they were running late, dh could have pick me & the kids up early & then went.

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