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May 10th, 2011, 06:33 PM
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Have you told your children about your pregnancy? Yes I told them right away
How are they doing with it? DS #1 was super excited, he's been asking for another baby for about 2 years now. He keeps kissing my belly and talking to it. DS #2 acts excited, but I don't think at his age he can really grasp what's going on. Both, however, say they want a "baby girl sister" so I keep reminding them we get what God knows we are meant to have.
If you haven't told them, when will you tell them?
How old are your other children? They are 6 and 3

Fun Stories: I bought the journal "Making Me" for my 6 year old. He loves doing a page a day. It's in the voice of the baby explaining to him the changes going on with the baby and with Mom. He loves doing it and whenever the "baby" says I love you in it he writes I love you too. The first page gave a spot for him to write a message to the baby. He asked me to leave the room and when I came back he had written: "I feel so happie lick I culd cry. I love you allredie. Come soon." Yes I cried when I read it!
“Before you were conceived, I wanted you...
Before you were born, I loved you...
Before you were here an hour, I would die for you...
This is the miracle of love.” -Maureen Mansfield

(6), (3) and a due Dec. 25, 2011 and one up above and forever in our hearts.

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