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May 10th, 2011, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Mom2Froggy View Post
in the end the decision is hers and hers only.
But why is that the case? That's not true for other medical decisions that involve girls this young. You don't let her decline to visit the dentist just because she doesn't want to. You wouldn't let her decline a life-saving surgery just because she was frightened. And in fact, if she had some kind of chronic medical condition, and there were two possible treatment options (let's say, chemotherapy v. surgery to remove a tumor), you would probably make the call for her as to which treatment she should receive. Why is abortion the one and only medical procedure where she should be able to make the call?

What if your daughter was this girl, who became pregnant at the age of 5? Lina Medina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I'm trying to see where people will draw the line here.

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