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May 10th, 2011, 08:55 PM
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My pump isn't working! It was handed down (Medela double electric) so it's probably about 4 years old. It just isn't as efficient as it once was. I thought it was my milk supply but I am pretty sure it's the sucking power of the pump. Adjusting vacuum and speed doesn't help.

We just don't have the money to drop 350 on another one. Any suggestions on brands/types that work well? I would consider myself an average producer (when my pump was working well) I could get 3-4 ounces per breast every 3-4 hours. But, it seems as the manual ones would not be efficient at getting this much.

I don't want this to hinder my BFing efforts. But, since I am going back to work now (only a few hours a week) and we do a bottle every day so she takes one well. I need a working pump period. Any good and affordable pumps out there?

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