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May 11th, 2011, 11:06 AM
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I would talk to my child and help her determine if she is really sure she is ready. And if the father is in her life and involved, i would sit down with both of them. What ever they chose I would support, though i may not be happy about their choices. If they wanted to abort, i would support her/them because its what they felt was right (however I'm not so sure i would help pay for it since it was their choice to have sex in the first place). If they chose adoption, thats fine, its their choice, but i would want to make sure they were fully prepared to carry this baby then give it away. To keep it? I wouldnt be pleased at all, but it its what she/they decided on then so be it. If they make this choice i expect them to know that they or she will be fully responsible for this child. I wont be a financial ticket to help her get by, just for support emotionally and mentally (unless financially it was an emergency or she were still too young to have an income of any sort) I say this because i had a miscarriage at 15, and had only known i was pregnant for a week but was already a little ways into it, i just managed to never notice somehow but was in a bad place in life. Its all an image so crystal clear in my mind, i would pray that my child never goes through something like that. But I'm happy to think back and can say that i would have never been able to raise that child i wasn't ready.

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