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May 11th, 2011, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Quantum_Leap View Post the age of 12 or 13, and she did not want to have an abortion, would you force her to have one?

What if she were even younger? What if she were older?

At what age, if any, is this a decision that should be made by the parents rather than by the pregnant girl?
No and legally, I couldn't force her. A pregnant woman (regardless if she 's actually a girl or not--as long as her reproductive system is developmentally a woman's (barring some weird medical condition, this would happen around 10 years and older) she's legally a woman in the eyes of the medical community in most states) has the right to her own care, regardless of age and in fact, the doctor cannot even contact the parent.

Also, it is VERY RARE that a 5yo would ever get pregnant, it would be a fluke. Plus if a 5yo got pregnant, it'd be rape no matter what because a 5yo can't consent to any type of sexual actvity. Heck most 5yo's can't even write their names yet, so the mental and developmental capacity is much different than that of a 12 or 13yo girl. Unfortunately, a 12 yo can easily say yes and most of these girls have some idea of what they're doing, even if they don't know the long-term consequences of their actions. The only case where I do not believe a 12 yo can consent is in the case where the bf is over 18.

But a 12 yo and a 13 yo can make a baby and it's not "statutory rape" nor is it technically illegal. Sucks, but it's true.

All I can do is hope I raise my daughters and sons to make good decisions...and if they make a mistake, I am not going to sit and force them to make a decision they may regret. As it is, if my 12 yo came home pregnant, we'd have a real problem; I won't add any more stress to an already terrible situation.
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