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May 11th, 2011, 03:26 PM
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Technically My father and his family are Catholic, when is the last time he went to mass? Umm as a non-adult. (well he's been to mass for special things for my kids and my sisters kids but not as an active participant)

My mom and her family are not.

In my imeediate family (siblings) I have 1 sister that is baptised and Catholic but not confirmed, and not practicing that religion. 1 sister that is baptished Lutheran, not practicing any religion, 1 brother that is baptised, umm christian? and he goes to a non-denom church.

I have 5 nieces, 2 that are baptised and cofirmed Catholics, but only one that is practicing, the other doesn't go to church, and at events she doesn't take communion. the other 3 follow their mom (the baptised catholic but not following that religion)

so all in all, me and my girls are really it.
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